There are two kinds of printers in use today – laser printers and ink printers. Hewlett Packard was one of the earlier developers of these types of printers and coined the terms “LaserJet” and “Inkjet” to describe the two types that they manufactured. The terms are often used to describe laser and ink printers, regardless of the brand.

Laser printers are capable of printing a larger number of pages per cartridge than are ink cartridges and therefore are most often used in business applications where a higher number of pages are printed.

Laser printers cartridges are filled with a powder called “toner.” The toner is deposited on the page as characters and graphics and is then melted by a device called a fuser. When the melted toner cools it bonds to the paper.

Laser cartridges are rated on the number of pages each cartridge is expected to print and is called “page yield” or simply “yield.” The industry standard for yield is calculated based on a 5% coverage, and therefore can vary greatly depending on the type of material that is being printed. A simple short business letter can have 5% coverage, or even less. The page yield for this type of material can be close to the rated yield for the cartridge. Some brochures or advertising materials can have upward of 50% coverage resulting in only 10% of the rated yield.

As automobile manufacturers state, “Your mileage may vary.” Laser toner cartridges are available which provide a wide range of yield from the low end of about 1500 pages up to 40,000 or more pages.

Our company provides remanufactured toner cartridges which we build in our own facility. We don’t just refill the cartridges, we rebuild them, replacing all the parts in the cartridge with high-quality components. After the remanufacturing process is complete, we test the cartridges in printers to be sure they function perfectly. In our rebuilding process, we start with only quality empty OEM cartridges (cores). We never start with inferior cores that were built offshore.

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